24 May 2018

Used Trucks and Diesel Cars from Japan

16 May 2017

Jin Jidosha Kenya Reports Highest Used Car Sales Record in 2016

27 Apr 2017

South Africans ditch new cars for used models priced under R200, 000


Nissan showcases Leaf energy in South Africa.

Car manufacturer Nissan in partnership with uYilo e Mobility program is about to demonstrate its revolutionary technology that allows power energy stored in EVs to be utilized in household and commercial applications as well. Nissan new range of electric vehicle called Nissan Leaf is an EV that is used for bi-directional energy transfer capability which…....

      16th April 2017

Car Buying Tips

Kenya: Super Rich and Middle Class Will Pay Top Dollar for Cars

When a businessman in Kenya, Moses Mutua wanted to upgrade from his current Toyota Harrier, he decided to opt for Lexus Land Cruiser worth about Sh 6million. He is part of a hrup that is putting a smile on the automobile dealer’s faces. In the year 2015, Kenyans altogether spent about Sh117.6 billion on imported…....

Source : Kenya       15th April 2017


Press Release: Jin Jidosha’s Car Export Sets New Industry Wide Milestone within the African Region.

Jin Jidosha, Leading car exporter of Japanese used cars has set a new record of achieving 70% groth within the African region, surpassing sales record of 2015. Tokyo, Japan- Jin Jidosha, leading car exporter of Japanese used vehicles has successfully tapped on the profitable opportunity available with the African region with regard to high demand…....

      14th April 2017


Electrical Vehicle Market – Key Trends, Industry Opportunities and Projections for Upcoming Years.

Electrical automobiles are on the forefront these days as they are run by electric power in which the vehicles in which vehicles are powered with the help of rechargeable batteries. The global need for reducing the dependence on petroleum based fuels in automobiles among the consumers had led the automobile manufacturers to adopt a new…....

      13th April 2017


Toyota to assemble more car models locally.

Dennis Awori, Chairman of Toyota Kenya says that Japanese automobile manufacturer are conducting research studies in collaboration with the national government to analyze what other automobile models to assemble in the country in future. He further commented that the automobile company is also looking forward in to the potential prospects of limited manufacturing of automobile…....

      12th April 2017


Auto sales in Japan rebound to 5m units, led by Toyota.

It is reported that Japanese domestic automobile sales have increased significantly by 2.8% during the year 2016 with up to 5,077,904 cars sold, despite the drop in the sales of mini cars. It is also revealed that it is the first time in last two years that the sales recovered to the 5 million level…....

      10th April 2017


BMW tells rivals: get a move on with your EVs!

The German car manufacturers is counting days these days until the car makers like Mercedes Benz, Audi and Jaguar introduce their electric vehicles to the automobile market, in the hope that this launch will increase EV sales and hasten the introduction of range boosting battery technology. The car manufacturer BMW, having launched its high quality…....

      8th April 2017


South Africa’s used car prices vs. the world.

A recent study based on one of online used car dealership revealed that there is sharp difference in the automobile value of used vehicle around the world and in South Africa. The Global Used Cars Price Index for the year 2017 had showed an overview of the total value of different used car brands across…....

      5th April 2017


Sri Lanka importing fewer used Japanese car

Japanese used vehicle exports to Sri Lanka could decrease by half of what is exporting currently mainly because of car high import duties implemented since the month October last year, reported by an official of the head of Automobile Importers Associations. In Asia, Sri Lanka is the leading importer of Japanese used vehicle by total…....

      3rd April 2017


Jin Jidosha Creates a New Benchmark within the Automobile Industry by Breaking Its Former Sales Records in 2016

Jin Jidosha in 2016 achieved a new milestone within the Japanese automobile industry by breaking its sales records of former year.  Jin Jidosha, a reputable exporter of used Japanese automobiles, surpassed the sales records of 2015 by performing exceedingly well within the automobile industry. Serving within the industry for over two decades, Jin Jidosha has…....

      16th March 2017


Toyota and Suzuki agree to business tie-up

Japanese famous automobile makers Toyota and Suzuki say they have reached a basic agreement on a tie-up in wide areas, including eco-friendly and self-driving technologies in cars. The 2 automobile companies signed a memorandum of business partnership on February 6, 2017. Both automobile companies began talks on the deal last October. The alliance includes fuel-cell…....

      15th March 2017


Myanmar opens market for import of used cars

Myanmar, a South Asian country that was earlier recognized as Burma, has been under military dictatorship in one way or another since 1962. After years of political struggle, in January 2011, country moved to transition and democracy. Now Myanmar is taking firm steps towards economic growth and stability. Myanmar is one of the Region which…....

      14th March 2017


Japanese automakers march into Mexico, set up export base

SALAMANCA, Mexico: Mexico is on the path to become the world’s No1 auto exporting country to US soon, largely due to the addition of 60500 units of capacity by the three major Japanese automakers namely Nissan, Honda and Mazda. The Japanese auto buildup poses a triple threat to Detroit 3 by: Making Japans car manufacturers…....

      13th March 2017


As Car Market Expands, Japanese Models Rule

Myanmar was one of the most expensive countries in the world to purchase a car. Under the military regime, there were strict import restrictions sent car prices high, making it impossible for the people of Myanmar to buy a high end vehicles or even relatively new used models of cars. But the situation did not…....

      12th March 2017


Africa the Largest Importer of Japanese Used Cars

Africa is the largest continent in the world in terms of geographic size and population with 15% of global population living there. This makes Africa to be a very profitable market for used cars. The waterways such as Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea to the north, and the Indian Ocean to the east and…....

      11th March 2017


Why Japanese Used Vehicles Still Have Value in Africa

The Japanese car industry is very distinctive. Most Japanese prefer to buy new Japanese cars while used vehicles does not have much appeal amongst the people. Hence, a used car in Japan can be sold at cheap prices in order to attract the buyers. According to stats, there are over 72 million vehicles registered on…....

      10th March 2017


Toyota, Nissan and Honda – Africa’s Favorite Brands

What you think is common between Honda, Toyota, and Nissan? Many things are common between these three brands, but the most important common thing is that all these are Japanese car brands. Toyota, Nissan and Honda tops the list of all the Japanese used cars exports to Africa. A quick online research shows that all…....

      8th March 2017


Price reduction of Japanese Used Cars in Africa

The car dealers in South Africa had started reducing the price of pre-owned or used vehicles mainly from Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom as they are struggling to sell the huge stock of used cars which are necessitated by the low business in the last four to five months. Major car dealers such as…....

      8th March 2017



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